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Hello, and welcome to furart.org, a site dedicated to bringing you quality furry artwork, inspirations, and helpful guidance. We hope that you find this to be a productive resource, helping each artist grow and improve their own skills and talents.

You’re more than welcome to browse the web sites of the resident artists at furart.org, exploring their artwork and whatever other resources they offer.

Aiming beyond this site, we offer numerous links to the rest of the furry universe, introducing you to artists abroad, and some powerful aids and inspirations for your own furry artwork.

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Residents – This section bears links to the various fine furry artists that call this server their home.
Artists – This section bears links to many furry artists throughout the whole of the furryverse.
Galleries – A listing of various other furry art galleries on the worldwide web.
Resources An interesting set of sites that may be of interest to a furry artist looking for information and source pictures on the net.
Conventions Some furry cons offer ‘workshops’ at which fans can hone skills in the creative furry fields.
Inspirations – Here’s a bunch of links that can churn up some inspiration and help get the creative cogs a-moving in your head. :X)